Based in the sterile city state of Singapore, Peng Handcrafted is an “against the grain” custom craft furniture workshop which stemmed from a simple idea in 2012.

It was this simple idea of finding the perfect house warming gift for his friend that started it all. Liberated by the creativity freedom of making the gift, it ignited a spark in Peng and he has since crafted many custom made furniture pieces by hand.  

Peng wants to show home owners that there are more to just those off-the-shelf furniture. Similar to how all homes are unique, no two Peng Handcrafted pieces are the same as he injects a sense of adventure and imagination into each of his handcrafted piece. His constant drive for novelty allows his works to grow both in scale and quality.

As Peng strives for continued excellence and breakthrough in his craft, he recognises that some home owners may still view pipe furniture as cold and highly industrial-inspired pieces that are difficult to integrate into homes. Therefore, he has launched an introductory range of basic pieces – OAK – which can be purchased from the web store.

This range features essential pieces in the most basic design and commonly sought-after sizes. Choices of finishes are kept to a handful so that matching with other elements at home is easy. 


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