1. What does Peng Handcrafted do?

We specialise in designing and crafting creative furniture, using mainly industrial pipes, solid timber tops and similar materials.

2. Where are your furniture made?

All our furniture is handcrafted in Singapore.

3. Do you have a catalogue?

Kindly refer to our portfolio or Facebook for our latest and past works.

4. How can I make an enquiry?

Feel free to contact us at +65 8799 8111 to set up an appointment at our studio. We are located at 994 Bendemeer Road #05-04 – we are just a 5-7 minute walk from either Bendemeer or Boon Keng MRT Station. You may also email us at or simply drop us a message via our contact form here.

5. What type of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by cash, cheque and bank transfer.



6. What type of pipes do you use?

We use brand new high grade galvanised steel sprinkler pipes, occasionally with a few recycled pipes.

7. What are the choices of timber?

We use only solid hardwood. Currently, we use only American White Oak from sustainable forests in North America - Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified – finished with a layer of clear natural oil.

8. Do products from different timber ranges match?

We always strive for the timbers used to be consistent between ranges. However, as natural oak may darken over time, there is always a possibility of slight shading variation between ranges.

9. What is the lead time?

Typically 4 – 5 weeks upon confirmation but may be shorter for works of smaller scale.


10. Do you offer on-site appointments?

Yes we do, especially for works of larger scale, we prefer to meet on site to assess and preempt any possible issue(s) for a smooth installation.

11. How do your charge?

We charge based on the following:

  • Complexity of your design

  • Pipe colour

  • Inclusion of additional features such as swivel-able heavy duty caster wheels, dimmable light, built-in power points etc.

We recommend a meet up to understand your requirements fully before we can quote accurately and fairly. Prior to the meet up, it will be good to prepare information ahead of time like type of furniture, its size and design and where to place them for a fruitful discussion.

12. Can I choose the accessories to be added onto the furniture?

Yes you can, we have sprinkler heads, meter gauges and valve regulators just to name a few. Unless you specifically do not want them or have any preference for placement, otherwise they will be added at random.

13. Can I provide my own top for Peng Handcrafted to construct just the base?

We are unable to as we want to ensure quality and workmanship.

14. Can I change my design after Peng Handcrafted has started work?

We recommend not to as these are highly customised works, hence the chance of rebuilding is high which means material wastage and additional cost.


15. How are the fixed furniture different from customised furniture?

The ever-expanding range of fixed furniture consists of basic furniture in some of more popular designs and dimensions that are commonly sought after.

If you are looking for something simple, the fixed furniture range offers products in 3 pipe colours and the option to have caster wheels added on. You may purchase them from our website directly without having to fix an appointment with us.

16. What should I take note of before I make the purchase?

You are advised to ensure that the furniture option that you have selected fits into the elevator and the intended space as there will be no refund or exchange of furniture once the confirmation email has been sent. Feel free to contact us at +65 8799 8111 should you require any clarifications.

17. How do I know if my purchase is confirmed?

You will receive an email from us reflecting the date of purchase and the item(s) purchased. We may also call you directly to confirm your purchase. Should there be any discrepancy, kindly inform us within 3 working days. Any notice after that will not be entertained. This is to minimise the possibility of rebuilding and material wastage.


18. Do you provide delivery & installation?

Yes, the delivery and installation fee is $100. They are complimentary with purchases over $1,000.

19. How does the delivery arrangement work?
Once your order is ready, we will contact you to arrange for delivery. Our available timings are from Monday to Saturday, between 9am – 5pm. For installation on Saturdays, it will be until 1pm. Other timings outside of the above-mentioned can be arranged but at additional charge.

20. What if I need to reschedule the delivery?

Kindly inform us at least 3 working days in advance by phone only. In the event when customer fails to receive delivery or our delivery team is denied access by the building management, the customer will have to bear the additional cost of a rescheduled delivery.

21. How long will the installation take?
This depends on the scale and complexity of the project. Typically we take half a day or less, after which we will vacuum and clean up before we leave.

22. At which part of my renovation stage should the installation take place?

We recommend installation to take place at least after majority of the renovation has completed and before the painter comes in for the final touch up.

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